OPEN MIC with Congressman Vic Snyder Topic Healthcare

Congressman Vic Snyder on KFFB’s Open Mic hosted by KFFB’S General Manager and Owner Bob Connell this segment they discuss Healthcare. … [Read more...]

“Just Can’t Wait” to Wreck Health Care

WASHINGTON--“The White house says we ‘just can’t wait’ for its government solution to our health care problems,” writes Alex Epstein, a fellow at the Ayn Rand Center. “But today’s health-care problems were created by yesterday’s government ‘solutions.’ “Since the 1940s, on the idea that health … [Read more...]

SBA List Launches Arkansas Radio Campaign to Highlight Senator Lincoln’s Health Care Votes

Dannenfelser: "Senator Lincoln continues to ignore the common ground and vote against Arkansas values." WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today the Susan B. Anthony List announced a radio campaign in Arkansas to highlight Senator Blanche Lincoln's (D-Ar.) votes on health care reform. … [Read more...]

Open Mic with Bob Connell and Congressman Vic Snyder on Heath Care Reform

Congressman Vic Snyder on KFFB’s Open Mic hosted by KFFB’S General Manager and Owner Bob Connell this segment they will be discussing Healthcare. … [Read more...]

Health care issues: Paying for abortions

A look at key issues in the health care debate: THE ISSUE: Would new health care legislation allow abortions to be funded with tax money? THE POLITICS: Abortion opponents say proposed government-sponsored health insurance plans would change federal policy by paying for abortions in many cases. … [Read more...]

Libertarians: Obama promises of postal system-style health care fail to deliver

President seeks to assure voters by promising health care will be run like the mail WASHINGTON -- America’s third largest party Wednesday took aim at comments made by President Barack Obama in a New Hampshire press event Tuesday, in which he took questions from a pre-selected audience.  Obama … [Read more...]

Libertarians turn up August heat on health care takeover

LP has one simple question, ‘Will you read the bill?’ WASHINGTON -- America’s third-largest party urged its members Monday to attend public forums being held by House members over the August recess and put their signature to one simple pledge – will they promise not to vote for any health care … [Read more...]

Libertarians decry Blue Dog deal on government-controlled health care

Revised bill is ‘delayed-onset government control’ WASHINGTON -- America’s third largest party Tuesday criticized Blue Dog Democrat Caucus leaders for finalizing a deal with party leadership on a September vote on the proposed health care reform bill before heading back to their districts to meet … [Read more...]

David Meeks Offers Alternative Health Care Solutions

LITTLE ROCK - In a segment on KARN’s Dave Elswick show yesterday, Republican Congressional Candidate David Meeks criticized Congressman Vic Snyder’s remarks last week when he said that the last fifteen years of health care have been a "shameful, reckless experiment of the richest nation in the world … [Read more...]

Health Care Is Not a Right

Washington, D.C., July 27, 2009--President Obama’s push for universal health care rests on the premise that people have a right to medical care and medical insurance. “This is wrong,” said Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Center. “This notion of some sort of entitlement to health care … [Read more...]