David Meeks Offers Alternative Health Care Solutions

LITTLE ROCK – In a segment on KARN’s Dave Elswick show yesterday, Republican Congressional Candidate David Meeks criticized Congressman Vic Snyder’s remarks last week when he said that the last fifteen years of health care have been a “shameful, reckless experiment of the richest nation in the world and that it is going to end under the leadership of President Obama.”

“Any form of government run health care reform is not the solution to our current health care problems. Putting the health care decisions back into the hands of the citizens is the only reform that should be discussed.” Meeks said.

“Although my opponent believes that the current system can only be fixed with federal government acquisition there are many solutions which can be employed that not only serve the patients needs in a uniform and consistent manner but also cost the public less money.”

In his interview with Elswick, Meeks offered several possible solutions to our health care problems, in what he called “common sense solutions based upon a common sense Constitution.”

“Health Savings Accounts and Medical Vouchers are non-taxed benefits that an employer gives to an employee so that they can purchase a plan that fits the needs of their family. Also, by allowing people, such as churches and civic organizations or universities, to establish and offer their own health care groups we can offer solutions to health care that are not dictated by Bureaucrats or CEOs.”

Meeks noted that “the added benefit of all of these plans is that they are not employer dependent. If you change jobs or your company goes out of business you can still belong to a private group through your church or community center.”

“I will not support any plan that is not free market based,” Meeks said.  “These plans are not only free market based but also keep health care in the hands of the patients.”
David Meeks announced in June that he is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent Vic Snyder next November.  Meeks lives in Conway with his wife Naomi.