Open Mic Greers Ferry Lake Clean up Carl Garner and Bob Connell Sept 9, 2011

Carl Garner talks with KFFB's Bob Connell on Open Mic about the 42nd Annual Greers Ferry Lake & Little Red River Cleanup to be Held on September 10, 2011. Volunteers with party barges and boats are needed. Just check in at any of the participating marina to get an assignment. After the … [Read more...]

Open Mic with Bob Connell Talking with Carl Garner and Ross Moore About Clean Up

GREERS FERRY LAKE, Ark.,  Carl Garner, Bob Connell, and Ross Moore on KFFB 106.1 FM'S Open Mic, talk about the 40th Annual Greers Ferry Lake and Little Red River Cleanup that will take place on Greers Ferry Lake from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m on September 12, 2009. This National Public Lands Day event is … [Read more...]

KFFB at Payton Chevrolet was a success on July 3rd

(Above) KFFB on Location at Payton Chevrolet (Above) The talk is about deals (Above) The talk is great service (Above) Familes enjoy the celebration (Above) The talks is about great rebates (Above) Even the big RV rigs come for service (Above) Its fun for the kids (Above) Another award winner … [Read more...]

45th Anniversary of the Dedication of Greers Ferry Dam disscussed on Open Mic

Carl Garner stops by to talk with Bob Connell on KFFB 106.1 fm's open mic program. Carl shares about the Dedication of Greers Ferry Dam by President John F. Kennedy, many did not know it would be Kennedy's last public works dedication before his assassination the following month in … [Read more...]